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This Helpful Video Will Show You How Easy it Is To Make A Sock Snowman


I’ve shared a few posts on making adorable things out of socks such as a Turkey and Snowmen. And while written tutorials are easy enough to follow, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a Sock Snowman Video so you can see how easy they are to make while watching the tutorial. With an old sock, some rice and a few small craft pins, you can make a sock snowman for nearly no cost and very little time. These make great gifts and stocking stuffers too!

You can use this same principle to make any type of animal or character out of socks, such as bunnies, puppies or a number of other things. You can decorate your snowman anyway you desire with different colored hats, scarves and buttons. I hope you find this sock snowman video helpful. Allow a few seconds for the video to load below 🙂

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