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Save Your Paper Towel Rolls For This Awesome Halloween Craft Project!

I’m focusing on Halloween this week as the holiday is almost here and we’re all finding ourselves in decoration mode. In this tutorial from ‘House Of Dewberry’ you will learn how to make Glitter Skull Halloween Candles that are pretty awesome.

Similar items are sold at stores and these are fairly easy to make without spending all that money to buy them retail. You can find the little glitter skulls to make these at stores like Michael’s craft store. Similar to the Faux Halloween Candles I posted a few days ago, these use empty paper towel rolls instead of toilet paper rolls. Let’s get busy!

glitter skull halloween candles What you will need:

Paper towel roll

Paper towel

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

X Acto knife or a sharp knife

Glitter skulls (99 cents at Michaels)


Masking Tape

Tea Light

Black acrylic craft paint

glitter skull halloween candles Tutorial:

To get the full tutorial for making these please head over to the awesome House Of Dewberry website for step by step instructions and more photos. You can visit them HERE. It will be easier for you to follow the original tutorial from there.

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