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Steampunk Your Monogram! The Result Is SUPER IMPRESSIVE!

Steampunk is a unique design I was recently introduced to. In this craft project by Sherry Clodfelter that I found on ‘Instructables’ for making a Steampunk Monogram Letter, you use small objects that are aesthetically pleasing to you as a medium for decorating your craft. I love the final result of this project that uses mod podge, steampunk and metallics to create a unique and original look.

This would make a great gift for the holidays, the rich textured look is liken to something you would find in retail stores. You could do initials for couples or letters for teens or even make word art to hang in your home using words like joy, peace, love, home etc.

What you will need:

  • Wooden Letter or word
  • Embellishments (flat objects work best, see photo below)
  • Mod Podge
  • Base Paint Color (Raw Sienna was used)
  • Metallic Paints –  4 colors used: Festive Green, Royal Gold, Antique Gold and Worn Penny
  • Paint Brushes including a fine tip detail brush

steampunk monogram letter


  • On a protected work surface, cover your letters with mod podge
  • Add your embellishments and coat again with mod podge, then coat it again (should look thick)
  • Once dry, it’s time to paint it with your base color covering everything well. Allow it to dry overnight.
  • Once dry begin painting your choice of metallic colors, by dabbing the paint and being careful not to paint the embellishments, you don’t want those the same color as the letter.

steampunk monogram letter
steampunk monogram letter

  • Once dry, begin painting your embellishments with a fine brush, mixing paint if need be to get the desired color.

steampunk monogram letter

  • Once dry you are done! This is the finished product.

steampunk monogram letter

To see the original tutorial for this please go to instructables.com. They have a lot of wonderful projects at their website.

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