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Super Duper DIY Water Blob That Doesn’t Leak – No Tape!

Water Blobs are all the craze with kids these days. I’m sure by now you’ve seen them on facebook or instagram. If you are not familiar with them yet, you are probably wondering what they are. DIY Water Blobs are made out of plastic painters sheeting and filled with water for kids to play on and are much like outdoor water beds that kids LOVE! I’ve even seen glow in the dark water blobs which would consist of using glow tablets in the water to make those. They are also great for adults who like to lay out in the sun to get a golden tan.

For just 12$ and about 30 minutes of time you can make your own awesome DIY Water blob!

The DIY Water Blob tutorial I am going to share with you comes from a wonderful gal named Leisha at her blog HomeMadeToast.com. This is the BEST Water Blob because Leisha’s blobs do not leak at all! Her secret? She uses an IRON instead of tape! Keep reading to find out how she does it!

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