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The 7 Most Toxic Ingredients In Your Skincare Products

What we eat and more importantly what is in the food we consume is on everyone’s mind these days. But did you know that there are just as many if not more, toxic ingredients in the cosmetics and skin care products you use and put ON your body every single day to be concerned about? Everything from shampoo to body soap, toothpaste and cosmetics contain hundreds of harmful chemicals that put your health at risk every time you use them.

This information was found at Natural Living Ideas website and I have listed 7 of the most hazardous toxins you need to know about in order to find healthier alternatives for everyday products we put on our bodies.

What we put on our faces and bodies is absorbed via the largest organ in the human anatomy, our skin! Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for product chemicals to enter your bloodstream!  Check your skincare labels and see if any of them contain these harmful toxic  ingredients before you use them.


Head to Page 2 for the list of Toxic Ingredients you should look out for…

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