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A Space Age Cube Home So Unbelievable It Will Blow Your Mind! [Video]

Many people like the idea of penthouse living, with spectacular views, and the feeling of living in the clouds. Can you imagine life high up above the hustle and bustle of daily life?

Futuristic Engineer, Werner Aisslinger brought his vision of creating a rooftop community to life with Loft Cubes that stemmed from his views of the flat empty rooftops in the city of Berlin.



So he put his engineering skills to work to create a solution by designing Space Age Loft Cubes that can be added to existing rooftops that are lightweight and easy to install, helping to solve the overcrowding problems in Berlin. With that vision, the Loft Cube became a reality.

These modern mobile 430 square feet living spaces are made of high quality materials that combine sophisticated charm, spectacular views and space age technology.  The Loft Cube offers comfort and affordability costing just $40,000 yet include all the amenities of larger more expensive dwellings.

They can be built in as little as 5 days and are easily disassembled in 1 day, making the Loft Cube an ideal solution for people on the move as this compact home can be taken with you if you decide to relocate.





Loft Cubes are build on 4 adjustable legs and require no foundation, just hook it up to existing utilities and you are ready to live. This mobile cube home features a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom that include custom appliances and fixtures. Each living area is divided by wall panels and is self sufficient with off the grid built in technology that includes air conditioning and a built in entertainment system.  No matter the location you choose, you will feel right at home in a cozy affordable modernized living with a Loft Cube.


Go to PAGE TWO to watch the video to see all the details of this Unbelievable Space Age Loft Cube Home!

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