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How To Make Beautiful Tissue Paper Jar Lanterns

I’ve shared many tutorials for making craft projects that utilizes tissue paper as a medium to make beautiful things. In this tutorial by Kirsten Rickert, you will learn how to make Tissue Paper Jar Lanterns that look amazing when lit as the light reflects off the different colored tissue paper patterns on your jars. You can also wrap wire around the rim to create a hanger so you can hang your beautiful lanterns when they are complete.

tissue paper jar lanternsWhat you will need:

  • Glass jars any size or shape
  • Tissue paper any color
  • Glue (Kirsten recommends Sobo)


The tissue paper can be cut or torn and then applied with glue to the bottle. I wanted to make patterns on the lanterns so I cut the paper in circles, strips and squares to create three different looking lanterns. Once the jars were completely covered in tissue paper I turned them upside down to dry.

This craft project is easy enough to allow the kids to help. They can make them and given them as gifts to grandparents and other family members that will be cherished. I hope this tutorial has inspired you to try making your own tissue paper jar lanterns for your home.

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