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Transfer Photos Onto Rocks? Yes You Heard Right!

Welcome to PAGE TWO of the How To Transfer Photos To A Rock Tutorial.

You can even use this process to transfer images to pieces or marble and rock tiles, either whole pieces or even broken pieces! These will also make beautiful keepsake gifts for friends, family or other loved ones.

What you will need:

  • Favorite Photos (one or more)
  • Rock, Piece of Marble or Stone
  • Splendid Blender Pen by Chartpak (other blender pens don’t work as well)
  • White Paint (optional)
  • Laser or Toner based Printer (inkjet won’t work)


  1. Clean the rock
  2. You can (optionally) apply watered down white paint to the rock.  Let it dry.
  3. Use a “Splendid Blender” pen by Chartpak.  Other blender pens don’t have the same chemical composition, and won’t work.
  4. Make a laser, toner based copy of the image you want to use.  Ink jet copies don’t work.
  5. Place the copy face down on the rock.
  6. Rub the pen over the image, while keeping the paper stable.  If it slides around, you’ll get a blurry image.  Press hard till the image transfers.
  7. Make sure you have lots of ventilation when using the pen.

That’s all there is to it! See the original tutorial here: VillaBarnes.com

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