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How To Make A Super Easy Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer Wreath!

I have another craft project to share that uses “tulle” are one of the main materials. I’ve shared a tutorial for a Tulle Ginch for Halloween and a Turkey for Thanksgiving and now you will learn how to make a Rudolph Tulle Reindeer Wreath.

I love the simplicity of this wreath, with the big eyes and fluffy tulle design that requires very few materials to create. This holiday wreath looks great hanging on the front door and you can even hang it on the wall inside as a cute Christmas decoration.

This reindeer wreath can be done a few different ways, so please feel free to be creative! Eyes and nose on the top? Makes a surprised reindeer. Eyelashes? Turns it into a girly reindeer. No eyes? A more subtle reindeer.

What you will need:

1 14″ wreath form
75 yards of brown tulle on a spool (or the equivalent, cut from 4.5 yards of tulle) cut into 15″ strips
1 large styrofoam ball (I prefer the smooth styrofoam)
1 12″ wooden dowel (can find these in the cake decorating section at the craft store)
Krylon Glitter Blast in Cherry Bomb (or some other way to cover the ball in red glitter)

For the eyes:

2 styrofoam balls (mine were the same size as my nose), with pupils painted on them
A handful of toothpicks (you really only need 2, but sometimes they break)

And you might also want to accessorize your reindeer with a large jingle bell and a bow.

For the antlers:

2 sheets of white craft foam
2 wooden dowels (the same kind used for the nose)
Hot glue
Pencil & scissors

Photo Tutorial

tulle reindeer wreath

Get the full step by step tutorial and lots more photos for this craft project at Baby Rabies here: Tulle Reindeer Wreath

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