[Video] What Can You Do With A Plain Coffee Cup & This Household Product?

We all have our favorite coffee mug, I know I do! I use it every morning like clockwork as it sits ready and waiting for me in front of the coffee pot to wake up and use it. But after seeing this Craft Tutorial for making stunning Marbled DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs, I’m afraid my old favorite is about to be replaced with a new one and so will yours after you see this!

These would make awesome gifts for the holidays, birthdays or any occasion! They are useful, elegant and oh so beautiful!

I never thought something so darn simple could result in something this beautiful!! Just look at what you can achieve with a plain coffee mug and some nail polish..

diy marbled watercolor coffee mug

Beautiful.. right? Wait till you see how easy it is to make one of these. You can use any color and design you choose.

Go To PAGE TWO for the Watercolor Coffee Mugs Tutorial!

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