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Would You Like A Toilet Paper Tree In Your Bathroom? Yea Or Nay?

I saw an ad the other day for a store called Gizmado and they were advertising a Toilet Paper Tree and asking a whopping $180 for it! I was shocked, but even before the price shock set in, my first thought was… yep! You guessed it.. I CAN MAKE THAT!! haha!

This decorative Toilet Paper Tree is designed to hold several rolls of toilet paper. Think of the under counter space you could save if you didn’t have to store all your toilet paper under there!

The retail toilet paper tree is made of lacquered steel, but I am thinking we can make a template that looks like the one in the photo and make it instead out of either wood or metal if you know someone who could make the trunk for you. I would personally love mine to be made out of copper. A girl can dream! 🙂

toilet paper tree

toilet paper tree

toilet paper treeImage Source: 1, 2 & 3

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Retail Source: Gizmado

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