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You Can Make This Whole Collection For Under 20$ – You Can’t Beat That!

yarn and feather christmas trees

I found a craft project the other day on ‘The Happy Housie’ for making Yarn and Feather Christmas Trees that were so different and unique from all the other christmas tree projects I’ve seen. I absolutely love the dramatic contrast between the pure white trees and the colorful embellishments.

Even the ones with no embellishments on them at all, stand beautifully on their own. These are really easy to make the the best part is, you can make this whole collection for your home decor for under 20$. You can’t beat that! Beauty and Economy all in one project! Works for me! 🙂

yarntrees2What you will need to make your own Yarn and Feather Christmas Trees:

  • tree cones or styrofoam cones
  • yarn (varied types – I stayed with all white)
  • feathers
  • felt
  • embellishments such as beads and buttons
  • glue gun and hot glue sticks


  • For the Yarn Trees:

Attach the yarn to the tip of the cone using hot glue and wrap…wrap, wrap, and wrap it around some more. Add a line of glue every now and then to adhere the yarn.
Embellish the yarn trees with a variety of beads or buttons, using my hot glue gun.

For the Feather Trees:

Simply glued the feathers on with a few dots of hot glue, working in sections and wrapping your way around each tree from the bottom up. Embellish if you choose or leave as is.

That’s all there is to it to make these beautiful yarn and feather christmas trees.

Check out the original source of this project for detailed instructions, more photos and helpful tips at: The Happy Housie

My Thanks go to Krista for this wonderful craft project and featured image.

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