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A Beautiful Way To Remind Us Of Our Blessings This Year!

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner it’s time to start making preparations and collecting ideas for decorating our homes this year. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all we have to the thankful for and what better way to remind us to do that than with this craft project for making a beautiful Thanksgiving DIY Glitter Bottle with the sentiments “Give Thanks For Simple Blessings” on it. You can use any sentiment you can find that will be fitting this time of year.
This is a simple craft project that I saw the image for on Pinterest that is elegant and a perfect Thanksgiving decoration for your holiday tables. These would also make amazing gifts for friends and family that won’t break the bank.

What you will need:

  • Brown bottle (wine, beer or craft bottle)
  • Vinyl adhesive sentiment (wording)
  • Gold glitter spray paint
  • Artificial leaves, flowers and berries or other desired embellishments
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon in fall color


  • Begin by coating the bottle with gold glitter spray paint. You can alternately use mod podge and paint the bottle with that then roll the bottle in gold and/or orange glitter.
  • Allow ample time for the paint or glue to dry and once dry adhere your vinyl sentiment to the front of the bottle making sure it is pressed on good.
  • Use your hot glue to begin adding your embellishments allowing them to drape down the front or sides of your bottle.
  • Finish it off with a ribbon bow at the top and you’re done.

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You can use this same technique for other holidays or anytime of year by choosing different color glitters, embellishment and sentiments.

If you decide to make this, tell us how it turned out. Make sure to give us any tips or ideas you may have on making it even better. Use the comment section below to share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

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