DIY Removable Wallpaper To Spruce Up Your Fridge!

Kelly Roberts was tired of her boring white refrigerator. I think people of a certain age recall the time of yesteryear when fridges weren’t just the place you kept your food, but they were also stylish parts of the home.

A fridge of the 1960s added a fresh pop of color to the room. With its rounded edges, glossy finish, and horizontal handles, the design was far more thoughtful than the big old blocks we’re used to today.

Kelly wanted to get back to that old ’60s and ’70s, feel so she decided to revamp her fridge with removable wallpaper. If you have an old fridge you want to completely renovate, try this DIY on how to turn one into a beer cooler.

The great thing about removable wallpaper is that, well, it’s removable. You don’t have to permanently commit to any design and can even choose one for each season. Much like contact paper, the wallpaper is pretty much a giant sticker that can be cut and sized to fit any wall or furniture in the home.

All you have to do is measure to fit your fridge. Then carefully unscrew the handles. Stick the wallpaper on and the boring fridge instantly goes from bland to wow. For more detailed instructions, see Kelly’s video below.

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diy backyard ideas

8 DIY Backyard Ideas That You Can Create On A Shoestring Budget!

Our family spends a lot of time in our backyard as do most families. We enjoy sitting outside on our swing and playing with the kids and our dogs. It’s a place to gather for bbq’s and family get togethers and a place to relax outdoors. When it comes to Backyard Ideas, the possibilities are endless whether you have a large yard or a very small space.

There are lots of wonderful ways to add charm to a backyard that can be both useful and appealing to look at. In this collection you will learn about 8 DIY Backyard Ideas that you can create on a shoestring budget that will have your neighbors drooling with envy!

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to spruce up your backyard, nor does it take a lot of skill to organize or decorate your backyard and make use of the available space you have. There is even some ideas in this collection that the kids will love!

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12 BRILLIANT Craft Tips For Moms That Make Craft Time With Kids MUCH EASIER!

I treasure the times when I get to do craft projects with my grandkids. Not only is it fun, we truly enjoy spending time together making beautiful things, and the look of pride on their faces when they complete a project is priceless to me.

With so many craft projects that are geared for kids, I knew there had to be a way to organize the craft supplies, minimize the huge messes they can make and make our crafting time more efficient.

I came across an awesome video by ‘What’s Up Moms’ where they share with 12 Brilliant Craft Tips For Moms (and Mimi’s) that will make craft time with kids MUCH easier!

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DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas To Help You Wrap Beautiful Gifts [Video]

I was looking for some new and creative DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas and if you’re like me you’ve still got some last minute gifts to wrap. In these video tutorials you will learn several DIY gift wrapping techniques to help you get them wrapped beautifully and in ways you may not have thought of.

These DIY gift wrapping ideas are perfect for Christmas and birthdays or any other gift giving occasion. It sure beats the usual rolls of gift wrapping you buy at the store. BORING! I wanted some new and creative ideas and that’s exactly what the videos on the next page will show you.

You should get some good ideas on new ways to wrap gifts that will show the love you put into not just the gift but the wrapping that contains it.

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homemade flea powder

Keeps Your Pets Flea Free SAFELY With ALL Natural Homemade Flea Powder!

I love my pets, each one is a special member of our family. In the south it is only just beginning to get cold and fleas have been a HUGE problem for us. I refuse to use retail flea and tick products due to all the inherent health risks involved. Most of them are poison that kills the biting bugs, but also put the health of our beloved babies at risk.

Last spring I was introduced to an ALL Natural Homemade Flea Powder Recipe that I started using and I am ASTONISHED at how well it has worked. Now that I know this works I wanted to share this DIY recipe with you.

‘Primally Inspired’ has tested this homemade flea powder extensively and states it even works to keep away not only fleas, but ticks, mosquitos and even spiders!

homemade flea powder

Check out the original source of this project for the recipe, detailed instructions and helpful tips at: Primally Inspired – Homemade Flea Powder

My Thanks go to Kelly at Primally Inspired for this wonderful DIY recipe and featured image.

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