Move Over Man Cave – See 15 Awe Inspiring SHE SHEDS!

Men need their space. But so too do women. But while men choose to dwell in caves, some women prefer something a little less primitive. Take the She-Shed for example. It’s like a Man Cave. Only, well, better.

Whereas Man Caves are usually a part of the house somehow, say hidden in the basement or the garage or some other equally “manly” place, She-Sheds are typically situated in the garden, away from all that manliness. There are no set rules to how a She-Shed should be constructed. Some turn them into reading areas while others use their She-Sheds as craft rooms or even miniature yoga studios.

Want a She-Shed but don’t know where to begin? Then take a look at the pictures below where you might just find some inspiration. That applies to you too, guys. Go on. Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone.

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diy backyard ideas

See 8 Fabulous Shoestring Budget DIY Backyard Ideas!

Our family spends a lot of time in our backyard as do most families. We enjoy sitting outside on our swing and playing with the kids and our dogs. It’s a place to gather for bbq’s and family get togethers and a place to relax outdoors. When it comes to Backyard Ideas, the possibilities are endless whether you have a large yard or a very small space.

There are lots of wonderful ways to add charm to a backyard that can be both useful and appealing to look at. In this collection you will learn about 8 DIY Backyard Ideas that you can create on a shoestring budget that will have your neighbors drooling with envy!

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to spruce up your backyard, nor does it take a lot of skill to organize or decorate your backyard and make use of the available space you have. There is even some ideas in this collection that the kids will love!

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Have You Ever Decorated Your Christmas Trees With Flowers? Gorgeous!

In an earlier post I shared a collection of some amazingly decorated christmas trees, and while those were gorgeous, I found some unique and stunning Flower Decorated Christmas Trees that I wanted to share with you.

The 8 christmas trees in this collection were specifically decorated with flowers as the main feature, so even though some have traditional ornaments, the flowers still remain the prominent feature. I absolutely love how these trees look and hope you enjoy them as well.

For generations and eons of time, we have been decorating christmas trees for our homes at christmas time. Many are decorated with sentimental ornaments from family and friends, while others are decorated with all hand crafted ornaments.

I know for me, each year I try to decorate our tree different than the year before and am always amazed at what I create. One thing I have never thought of was decorating my christmas tree with flowers, and I’m not sure why because I love flowers and the flower decorated trees in this collection are gorgeous.

I will definitely be trying this next year!



2014 December Dreams Tree #1 by RAZ Imports



2014 Christmas Conservatory Tree by RAZ Imports



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snowman wine glass candle holders

25 Gorgeous Snowman Wine Glass Candle Holder Ideas For You!

I truly didn’t plan it this way but it seems today is Snowman day here at Gotta Love DIY! I just keep finding the cutest snowman craft projects today and each seem to be more beautiful than the last.

Being the snowman lover that I am, I have been in heaven being surrounded by all this snowman cuteness.

In this post, I will be sharing 25 of the most amazing Snowman Wine Glass Candle Holders which are painted upside down with a votive candle at the top (which was the base of the wineglass).


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20 Most Adorably Cute DIY Gnomes You’ve Ever Seen!


Gnomes are one of my favorite decorations both in the home and out in the garden. These are mysterious little creatures that have their oversized hats pulled down over their faces, some with beards, some without.. they just melt my heart.

In this showcase collection I have gathered 20 of the cutest DIy Gnome photos (no patterns) I could find from places like pinterest that I hope you will enjoy. These are crafted from all sorts of different crafting mediums such as felt, polymer clay and yarn.

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