4 Household Item DIY Candle Survival Hacks

These 4 DIY Candle Survival Hacks are made using ordinary household items most people have in their kitchen or pantry such as butter, oranges, a can of tuna and cooking oil.

Whether you are experiencing a power outage or out camping and need some extra light, you can easily make these 4 types of candles out of household items that work as good as lighting a candle to restore light in a hurry.

diy candle survival hacks

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diy butter survival hack

Power Outage? Grab Your Butter & Toilet Paper! DIY Survival Hack [Video]

The power just went out, the house is really dark and you realize you don’t have any candles! Oh NO! Don’t despair, you can make a simple and very effective candle with this easy DIY Butter Survival Hack using items you already have in the house!

What You Will Need:

  • Small Jar
  • Butter or Margarine
  • Toilet Paper


  1. Fill your jar halfway with butter.
  2. Cut a square of toilet paper 1/5″ in size and roll it up and twist it tightly till you form what will be the wick. Make sure it is a bit longer than your jar is high.
  3. Roll your wick in butter to thoroughly cover it in butter making it flammable.
  4. Using a long skinny object like a nail or skewer stick, make a hole in the center of your butter jar all the way to the bottom. insert the wick and mash the butter around it to close the hole as shown in the photo below.
  5. Light the wick and once the flame gets to the bottom of the wick and comes in contact with the butter, you will have yourself a DIY Butter Candle that you can use in a power outage or even in a survival situation where you need some extra light.

Watch the video on PAGE 2 to see the entire DIY Butter Survival Hack Candle being made from start to finish.

start a fire with water

[Video] He Started A Fire With Water And It Freaking Worked!

Did you know you can start a fire with water? I sure didn’t, in fact, that thought does not even make sense since water is used to put out fires. Ever see a campfire stay lit in the rain? LOL

But today, you will learn 5 incredible survival hacks for starting a fire using water that will blow your mind!

This is especially useful in survival situations where you either do not have a lighter or the items you have got lost or wet. Get your gloves and safety equipment ready and let’s get busy exploring 5 ways to start a fire with water!

Head to Page 2 to watch this informative video…

20 DIY Condom Survival Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of

Mothers of teenage boys have said more than once; Don’t leave home without your condoms for protection. But did you know there are many other uses for condoms, especially when it comes to survival situations?? This video will show you 20 handy DIY Survival Uses for Condoms that you may have never thought of. Being able to improvise during an emergency situation using everyday items you may already have on hand will give you an advantage over being unprepared.

Condoms are not just for birth control anymore. Of course in a survival situation, protection against pregnancy is important too, the last thing you want to worry about in a bad situation is getting pregnant.

Watch the video on the NEXT PAGE to find out 20 “other” ways to use Condoms that may come in handy.

How To Cut A Rope Without Any Tools DIY Survival Hack [Video]

Have you ever needed to cut a rope but didn’t have a knife or sharp tool handy? This DIY Survival Hack Video will show you how to cut a rope using nothing but.. another rope!! Yes you heard right, you can cut a rope using nothing but another piece of rope quite easily. I was really surprised. This is a handy technique to know in any situation.

Watch the video then try it for yourself! You can use the comment section below to leave comments if you try this yourself. I’d love to hear from you!

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