16 Sizzling Fireplace Ideas That Will Melt Your Heart!

There is nothing like the feeling of sitting in front of a crackling fireplace, from the warmth they provide to the sweet smell of embers that tantalize the senses. I love fireplaces and have been wanting to add a fireplace to my living room and bedroom for a long time now.

This burning desire set me on a quest to find some of the sexiest sizzling fireplace ideas and today I am going to share 16 beautiful fireplace ideas in this Gotta Love DIY Showcase Collection that I found on a fabulous website called Home Do It that will have you wanting a fireplace of your own to cuddle up with.

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42 Bedrooms So Luxurious You May Have A Bedgasm!

Do you know what a bedgasm is? Everyone has experienced it, but may not have known there’s an actual word for it. It’s that INCREDIBLY satisfied feeling you get as you crawl into bed when you’re really tired and your whole body melts into the sheets as you hear yourself say…. AAAAHHHHH… YES… YESS… YESSSSSSSSS!

This Gotta Love DIY Showcase Collection of 42 Master Bedrooms are what dreams are made of! They are SO luxurious you may have a bedgasm just imagining crawling into them! Don’t say I didn’t warn you ☺


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10 Purrfect DIY Pallet Cat Beds For Your Pampered Feline

The cats in my life are just as spoiled as my dogs are, and if you ask them, they will tell you that cats rule and dogs drool! I wanted something just as adorable for my kitties to sleep on that would match the pallet dog beds I have for my pooches. So I went kitty bed hunting on pinterest to find DIY Pallet Cat Beds to match the ones my dogs have.

In this Gotta Love DIY Pallet Cat Beds Showcase Collection, you will find 10 Purrfect DIY Pallet Beds for your pampered felines. These are easy to make and look adorable in the home or even on outdoor patios. Build one for your kitty today! They will Love you for it!


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Images courtesy of Pinterest

diy pallet dog beds

10 Doggone Cute DIY Pallet Dog Beds For Pampered Pooches

If your a dog lover like me, your K9 companions are not just dogs, they are pampered pooches and members of the family. I am always looking for creative ways to spoil my dogs even more than they already are. In this Gotta Love DIY Showcase Collection you will see 10 Doggone Cute DIY Pallet Dog Beds that get your fur babies off the ground and into cozy comfortable sturdy beds they will love to sleep in.

Each one of the dog beds in this Showcase Collection are made from recycled wood pallets that you can get for free if you ask places like grocery stores and home improvement centers like Lowes and Home Depot if they have any unused pallets you can have. I have scored free pallets this way many times.

Scroll through the images below to get some great ideas for DIY Pallet Beds for the pampered pooches in your life.


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Images courtesy of Pinterest

diy patio table with built in coolers

Awesome DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beverage Cooler!

We spent a lot of time on our patio as a family and while entertaining friends. One of the most annoying things is having to get up over and over again to get a drink. Having a cooler on the patio is fine but those take up space and are not very attractive.

So I did a search and discovered that we can make a DIY Patio Table with a beverage cooler built right into the table. You may have seen tables like this on Pinterest. They are quite functional and a great way to relax outside around the table family and friends.

Here are a few examples of these DIY Patio Tables I found online;

cooler1courtesy of pinterest

cooler2courtesy of pinterest

The one I liked the most was found at a really cool website called Domesticated-Engineer. It had handy removable cooler covers so the table can function normally when coolers are not in use! How’s that for a nifty idea?


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