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EASY PEASY Decorative Beaded Snowflake Ornaments!

beaded snowflake ornaments

I haven’t shared too many craft projects that utilize beads, but this one I found for making beautiful ornamental Beaded Snowflake Ornaments looks and sounds like fun so I wanted to share it with you.

These ornaments are made with plastic beads that are inexpensive and found at any craft store. You can use any size, shape and color beads you like once you know the easy technique for making them you can alter your designs to suit your taste and crafting skills.

To make the specific beaded snowflake ornaments that you will see in the video on the next page, you will see the beads that are needed to make them exactly like the tutorial.

Watch The Video Tutorial On Page 2

2 Comments on EASY PEASY Decorative Beaded Snowflake Ornaments!

  1. This is a beautiful and well done beaded ornament how-to video. I love these ornaments…and most beaded ornaments that are similar to them. Unfortunately, the beads needed to create them are not readily available in most crafting stores in the upper midwest any more, these stores have chosen to make more shelf space for the newer and more sought after crafting project supplies. Yes, the beads are available online, but by the time that I have them ordered and they arrive at my crafting table and area…I’ve lost the valuable time necessary and needed to make them. This leaves me, the old fashioned acrylic bead ornament crafter both frustrated and sad…

    • Yes, this is something that makes us all sad. I do my best to start ordering my supplies well in advance of the holidays to avoid needing to rush, or worse, to miss the holiday.
      Thank you for commenting and visiting my website 🙂

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