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Celebrate Hanukkah With A Stunning Stained Glass Menorah [Tutorial]

I’ve had many requests for craft projects that celebrate Hanukkah and this beautiful Stained Glass Menorah from ‘Makezine’ is a great way to do that. These are made with tissue paper and mod podge so they are super easy to make and this technique can be used for making many things aside from this Menorah.

In this project, there are 8 candle holders and a central candle that is used to light the others over the 8 nights of Hanukkah.

What you will need:

8 glass tea light holders
Assorted color tissue paper
Matte Mod Podge (can use gloss if desired)
Shimmer Mod Podge (optional)
Paintbrush or foam brush
8 tea light candles
Small candle and holder


  • Cut tissue paper into 1″x1″ squares. Don’t be too precise, randomness works well for this project
  • Using your matt mod podge, add a small amount of shimmer mod podge to it until you get a pearly color. This step is optional and not required.
  • Working in small sections at a time, brush a thin layer of mod podge onto the glass
  • Place some tissue pieces over the Mod Podge, aligning them with the top and bottom edges of the candleholder where needed. Let the tissue overlap here and there, this will form beautiful color effects when light shines through it.
  • Brush another thin coat of Mod Podge over the top of the tissue, being careful not to wrinkle the edges.
  • Repeat the steps until you’ve covered the entire candleholder. Allow it to dry thoroughly

Blending Colors – You can get some beautiful effects by layering one color over another. 2 shades of each color were used to achieve the effects you see in the photo below.


To see the full tutorial with more photos please visit the wonderful folks over at: Makezine.com

If you decide to make this, tell us how it turned out. Please give us any tips or ideas you may have on making it even better. Use the comment section below to share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I was going to make candy favors for our Christmas dinner with small ball jars. I will not be doing this on the jars and putting the candy in but supplying a tealight for use after the candy is gone.

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