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These Pinecone Hedgehog Decorations Are Super Cute!

I’ve seen a lot of creative crafts made with pinecones, but none of them have come close to being as cute and creative as these adorable PineCone Hedgehog Ornaments!

The hedgehogs in this tutorial will teach you how to make them using polymer clay. However you can also make a simplified version of them like the one in the photo below by simply slicing a pinecone and gluing little bead eyes on the face.

pinecone hedgehog

In this tutorial from ‘Kiddly.com’ they will show you how to use polymer clay to make the most adorable little pinecone hedgehogs you’ve ever seen.

What you will need:

Tan polymer clay for face, ears, legs
Black polymer clay for nose
Large (4 mm) black beads for eyes
Powder blush/rouge
Small paint brush
Drinking straw for mouth
Toothpick for details
White tacky glue

pinecone hedgehogs

Check out the original source of this project for detailed instructions, photos and helpful tips at: Kiddly.com

My Thanks go to kiddly.com for this wonderful craft project and featured image. 

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