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Making DIY Faux Holiday Candles Is Easier Than You Think!


One of my most popular posts during Halloween was for making Faux Halloween Candles. In this tutorial we are going to use the same technique using christmas colors instead of black. So once again we will need to use toilet paper rolls for this simple craft project.

The original halloween tutorial by ‘Thrifty Crafty Girl’ consists of using toilet paper rolls, glue, paint and electric or battery operated tea lights. You can use any color paint that is fitting for christmas, such as red, white, green or any other color you choose.

This is a fun and easy craft project that looks amazing when lit. You can make these as gifts or for decorating your own home this holiday season.

On the next page you will find the material list as well as instructions for making your own Faux Christmas Candles.

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8 Comments on Making DIY Faux Holiday Candles Is Easier Than You Think!

  1. Hi….such a cute and doable Christmas craft, but one question. Where do you get “push” on faux tea lights?? I can only find the ones with the little switch!!


  2. The link you have provided to purchase the tea lights leads to tea lights with slider switches, not “push” switches. I’ve never seen such a tea light. I can’t see any way to turn these on and off once they are in the toilet paper rolls if they have a slider switch. Even if you could use “push” switch tea lights, how do you turn them on and off once they are in the taller tubes?

    • HHMM they may have changed the link, Amazon does carry push button tea lights.. craft stores may too.. I use a pencil.. it fits up the tube to turn them on and off. I hope you find them 🙂

  3. How did you get your felt to match SOOO closely – I thought you must have painted the top of the tea light until I looked very closely, and could see that it was felt! These are gorgeous! I will be making some for sure!

    • Hi Kim, lay the tube, (which has already been measured to fit the light) on the felt, trace the circle using the tube as a guide and cut out the circle and it will fit perfectly 🙂

    • It should be taking you to a different website as I share MANY crafts from other crafters websites. Just follow the links and it will take you to the website that has more details about the craft you are interested in.

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