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Block That Nosey Neighbor With A DIY Privacy Planter! [Video]

Everyone has neighbors unless their fortunate enough to live in an area with lots of room between neighboring yards. But for those who have neighbors right next door, you may want to add a bit of privacy between you, especially if you have a nosey neighbor!

This project will show you how to build a DIY Privacy planter that is attractive, useful as a planter to show off your favorite garden plants and best of all will block the view of pesky neighbors.

Privacy Planters are also a great way to block the view of others next to your hot tub or swimming pool where privacy is important or downright crucial if you like to swim in your birthday suit 🙂

Below you will find your tool and materials list and a few images of the project being built.

Head To PAGE TWO For The Materials and Tools List for Making This DIY Privacy Planter yourself!

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