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5 Space Saving DIY Vertical Garden Project Ideas

Many people lack the yard space for growing gardens and hanging vertical gardens are a great solutions. These space saving gardens can hang vertically on walls, fences and even hang from the ceiling. These 5 awesome DIY Vertical Garden Ideas can be used for growing flowers, vegetables and herbs without taking up precious yard space you need for other things.

Going vertical with your gardens is also great way to keep your garden safe if you have pets or wildlife like raccoons that rummage through your yards that could run through your gardens and ruin them. Browse through the DIY Vertical Garden Projects below for some great ideas on how to go vertical with your gardens.

1. Vertical Gutter Garden 

DIY Vertical Gutter Garden
Get the tutorial here: Hanging Gutter Garden

2. Hanging Basket Garden

DIY vertical hanging basket gardenGet the tutorial here: Hanging Basket Garden

3. Vertical Privacy Screen Garden

DIY Privacy Garden
Get the tutorial here: Living Privacy Screen

4. Vertical Patio Garden

DIY Patio Garden
Get the tutorial here: Vertical Patio Garden

5. Vertical Vegetable Garden

DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden
Get the tutorial here: Vertical Vegetable Garden

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