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DIY Alcohol Ink Stained Glass Tutorial

diy alcohol ink stained glass

Alcohol Ink is all the rage with DIY loves all over the world. I absolutely love the results we can achieve with Alcohol Ink and a little compressed air.  You can make so many beautiful pieces of DIY Art with Alcohol Ink.

Below you will find a materials list and instructions for making your own DIY Alcohol Ink Stained Glass items that are courtesy of Lulabelle Handicrafts, along with several photo examples I found on pinterest to give you a better idea of just how beautiful this technique can be on any glass object including tables.

What you will need:

  • Small Glass Bowls or Votive Holders
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Alcohol Ink in Various Colors
  • Compressed Air
  • LED Votive Candles

diy alcohol ink Alcohol Ink

diy alcohol ink stained glass

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8 Comments on DIY Alcohol Ink Stained Glass Tutorial

        • The tutorial is used for votive and decorative glasses, which stains the inside of the glasses.. so if you want to drink from them I suggest to only stain the outside of the glasses and only up to one inch below the rim so there is no contact with stain by the mouth 🙂 also be sure not to get water based alcohol ink or the glass will not be able to be washed in water. A good sealer after staining is also advised.

          I will add an update to this page stating such.. thank you for bringing this point to my attention! Happy New Year!!

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