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Use Removable Wallpaper To Spruce Up Your Fridge? WOW!

Kelly Roberts was tired of her boring white refrigerator. I think people of a certain age recall the time of yesteryear when fridges weren’t just the place you kept your food, but they were also stylish parts of the home.

A fridge of the 1960s added a fresh pop of color to the room. With its rounded edges, glossy finish, and horizontal handles, the design was far more thoughtful than the big old blocks we’re used to today.

Kelly wanted to get back to that old ’60s and ’70s, feel so she decided to revamp her fridge with removable wallpaper. If you have an old fridge you want to completely renovate, try this DIY on how to turn one into a beer cooler.

The great thing about removable wallpaper is that, well, it’s removable. You don’t have to permanently commit to any design and can even choose one for each season. Much like contact paper, the wallpaper is pretty much a giant sticker that can be cut and sized to fit any wall or furniture in the home.

All you have to do is measure to fit your fridge. Then carefully unscrew the handles. Stick the wallpaper on and the boring fridge instantly goes from bland to wow. For more detailed instructions, see Kelly’s video below.

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