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Gorgeous HIS And HER Mugs That LAST? The Secret Is In The Pens!

his and her mugs

In the past, I have shared other painted mug tutorials HERE and HERE, and the one thing I stressed in them, and will stress again here in this tutorial for making His And Her Mugs, is that regular Sharpie Markers WILL NOT Work well.

For one thing regular sharpie Markers are water based which will fade rather quickly after washing. In other words, even though regular sharpies say they are permanent, on glassware and ceramics, they are anything but!

You MUST MUST MUST only use Oil Based Sharpie Paint Pens for your beautiful His and Her Mugs to last through washings. Martha Stewart also carries a line of oil based paint pens that work wonderfully for projects like these.

For The List Of Materials and Instructions Please Go To Page (2)

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