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Make A DIY Clay Pot Bird Feeder For Your Feathered Friends!

diy clay pot bird feeder

Today with my thanks to the Garden Roof Coop, we will show you how to make a DIY Clay Pot Bird Feeder That will attract many birds to your yard.

We have a lot of birds that visit our gardens each day from Robins to Blue Jays, Cardinals and my favorite are the tiny colorful Hummingbirds. Being the owner of cats that like to go outside now and then, I had to find a way to feed my feathered bird friends that is up high and out of reach of my felines who might harm them. I use bird feeders that I can hang high up in the branches of trees so the birds are safe and I can still enjoy their company.

What you will need:

  • 1 clay pot with pre drilled holes and 2 saucers

clay pot birdfeeder

  • Drill bits – (glass and tile bits) for saucer and pot if yours does not have holes)
  • 2 feet of vinyl coated wire rope 3/32″
  • Ferrule and stop 1/8″
  • Pair of pliers

diy clay pot bird feeder


Next you will need to drill holes in the top saucer and pot (unless yours are already pre drilled like the ones in the photo above) Drill 1/8′ center holes in each saucer and a few small holes in the bottom saucer to allow water drainage. Use the 1/2″ bit for the pot holes.

Pull the wire rope through the top saucer, pot and bottom holes. Add a ferrule and stop to the bottom and top and use the pliers to clamp it in place. (see photo above)

You can add some decorations if you choose otherwise you are done. Fill with bird seed and enjoy the feathered view.

diy clay pot bird feeder

Article and Image Source are courtesy of the Garden Roof Coop

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