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With This Technique And A Specific Paint Type The Results Are MIND BLOWING!!

Whether you have a fancy gathering or event planned or just want to decorate your holiday tables with an aire of sophistication, One Stroke Folkart Enamel is the medium you want to work with.

Throughout this 3 page article, I will share a video, instructions and some amazing photos of the Gorgeous DIY Painted Glasses you can make with folkart enamel that is sure to impress your guests and YOU!

I have not yet tried this technique with other quality paints such as Martha Stewart’s line of glass paints though I imagine they would work quite well too. The think I like about folkart enamel is the ability to use “one stroke” versus several coats that are needed with other paints which would ruin the floral effect you want to achieve with this technique you are about to learn.

You can use this technique on wine glasses, shot glasses, tumblers and even glass vases that will look amazing and greatly compliment your home decor.

What you will need:

  • glassware (your choice)
  • folkart one stroke enamel paint
  • optional – clear gloss sealer spray
  • paintbrush

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