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How To Build A Simple DIY Rock Garden Landscape Feature [Video]

This video tutorial shows you how to easily build a DIY Rock Garden landscape Feature. Why would you want to cultivate a Rock garden? There are several reasons, but the most popular reason is the appeal of a no-to-low maintenance garden that works all year long, which is why many people are opting for rock gardens in place of lawns. They also add texture and variety to the landscape.

Follow the guidelines below to build your own DIY Rock Garden then watch the video to see it being made live!

Step 1: Find an area of your yard where you want to build your rock garden

Step 2: line the area with landscape fabric and overlay it with paver sand

Step 3: Line the edges of your rock garden with blocks to secure the perimeter. Pay them an inch or 2 below the top edge so they can be covered with river rocks.


Step 4: Gather your landscape rocks that you will use around the sides of your garden and lay them in the garden.


Step 5: You will now add 3 larger landscape rocks where you want them and begin adding in the river rock.


Step 6: Use the backside of a rake to level all the river rocks evenly.


Step 7: Stand back and admire your handy work 🙂


Watch the video on Page 2 to see this tutorial being built live…

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