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These Putz Houses Are AMAZING And So Much Fun To Decorate!!

This is my first experience with ‘Putz” Houses and I am so in love with their intricate details and how utterly beautiful they are. These Christmas Snow and Glitter Putz Houses I found on ‘all things paper’ are made of paperboard and are available in inexpensive kits that you buy, put together and decorate.

You can make single houses or make several different types to make an entire Putz Village! Did I mention how much I love these??!!

Bright white Bristol board houses look adorable on their own, but paint and dress them in the kit-included items and they become even sweeter.  Then take your little village to a whole nother level by adding snow and a glittering sheen. Let’s get started!

putz houses putz houses
To find out more about these amazing little Putz Houses, where to buy the kits and how to decorate them in a step by step tutorial please visit the wonderful folks at: All Things PaperThey have a lot of wonderful projects on their website, be sure to check them out.
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