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I Wasn’t Sure Why She Was Gluing Cotton To A Lantern Until The Lights Went Off WOW!

cloud light

cloud lightIf you want to add a light feature to your baby’s room or make an awesome baby shower feature, this craft project is for you! This craft project for making a beautiful DIY Cloud Light is easy, affordable and fun to make and the effect is a dramatically elegant light that would be perfect in any child’s room or playroom. The maker of the video that you will see on the next page made her cloud light for a baby shower with a literal stream of lights showering down and it is absolutely amazing! These make awesome night lights when you need a small amount of light, especially for a child who is scared of the dark. The soft glow these put out is peaceful and soothing.

To See How To Make Your Own DIY Cloud Light Please Go To Page (2)

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