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Learn How To Make Triple Ribbon Bows Like The Pros & Save Money!


I don’t know about you, but I have spent my share of money on buying large beautiful professionally made bows. I was determined to learn how to do this and I am excited to tell you than now we can all learn How To Make Triple Ribbon Bows like the Pros with this video tutorial from the ‘paper guru’ that I will share with you on Page 2.

We all need bows, not just at Christmas, but for other yearly gifts as well and they are not cheap by any means. Learning how to make our own bows will save us all a lot of money that we can use to make more crafts 🙂

Wired ribbons work best for these as they are easier to shape and hold their shape once made.

What you will need to make Triple Ribbon Bows:

  • 2 wide wire ribbons 2.5″ wide (any color)
  • 1 wide wire ribbon 1.3″ wide
  • pipe cleaners – similar color to ribbons
  • scissors

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