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The term Mondrian refers to geometric rectangular patterns in vivid colors that you see on high end glassware, etched around mirrors, glass doors and even shower doors. In this Craft Project I found on ‘Mason Jar Crafts Love’ you will learn how to make Mondrian Inspired DIY Stained Glass Mason Jars that are simply beautiful and look like etched stained glass.

This is a simple craft project that makes wonderful gifts for the holiday or anytime of year. You can create mondrian designs on anything glass, it doesn’t have to be mason jars. I love the formations of color and etched outer edges. I’ve seen glassware done in this style costing quite a bit of money and now you can create this look yourself.

What you will need:

  • Gallery Glass in white, red, blue, and yellow
  • Peel and stick lead lining
  • Liquid leading in black.
  • Mason Jar or other glass object

stained glass mason jars


Map out your Mondrian pattern with the lead lining. Fill in the gaps between the lines with the liquid leading. Once dry, begin applying the Gallery Glass colors. (not too thick or it will run) Wipe up any drips. Allow to dry and add a 2nd coat of each color.
stained glass mason jars

stained glass mason jars

stained glass mason jars

stained glass mason jars

Full Tutorial credit goes to Linda at masonjarcraftslove.com. You can see the original tutorial at their wonderful website here: Mondrian Mason Jars

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