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This Is A BRILLIANT Idea! I’m Gonna Try This!

pvc pipe vases

I’ve been looking for PVC craft projects to do because pvc is cheap and can be used in many ways for crafting some amazing things for the home and garden. I wanted something that was elegant enough to set out during the holidays and other more formal events.  I came across a centerpiece idea at ‘ehow’ for DIY Painted PVC Pipe Vases that has a metallic sheen and are very classy looking. I also found another amazing project for PVC Pipe Vases that I will share in another tutorial.

These cylindrical vases look great when grouped together for a bold yet delicate look that is very appealing. These are super easy to make with very little cost if any as you may already have these materials laying in your garage. You have 2 options for the bottoms of this project. 1) You can use pvc end caps which will require the caps and some pvc glue added to your materials list below. 2) you can simply use a small glass that that fits inside the pvc pipes and is secretly concealed when the pipe is put on top of it which is how the pvc pipe vases in this tutorial were done.

pvc pipe vases

What you will need:

  • Handheld saw (miter box optional, though encouraged)
  • PVC pipes (1-inch and a 2-inch tube, both about 2 feet in length)
  • Gold spray paint


Begin by cutting your pvc pipes from tall to short in order to give the final cluster a modern, asymmetrical look.

Dust off your pipes well to remove any remaining particles and debris after cutting them.

Using your gold paint, give each pipe a thin and even coat of paint. Wait 20 minutes and give them a 2nd coat and allow them to dry for 24 hours.

Add fresh or artificial flowers and you’re done!

pvc pipe vases

You can see the full tutorial at ehow.com here: DIY Painted PVC Vases

For an added effect, you could use painters tape and tape off sections of the vases to add stripes around the bottom in another color. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and see what you can create to make these even better.

If you decide to make these, tell us how they turned out. Make sure to give us any tips or ideas you may have on making them even better. Use the comment section below to share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

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