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10 Creative Homemade Dough Ornaments Ideas + Recipes!

Salt Dough is a medium crafters use to make all sorts of beautiful things. One of the things we can make with it is Dough Ornaments for our Christmas Trees.

In this collection you will find 10 different Dough Ornaments you can make that you may not have thought of.

On the next page you will also be given 2 different recipes, as there is salt dough, and you can also make the dough with corn starch. You can try them both to see which you like working with better.

I have tried both and really don’t have any preference other than the salt dough is much easier and quicker to make because the corn starch recipe requires a bit of baking in a saucepan. Both did the job it was aimed to do, so the choice is yours. Use whichever recipe you have the ingredients for already verses needing to go buy something and go for the salt one if you want the fastest method.

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