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Turn Ordinary Pine Cones Into Christmas Gnome Ornaments!

christmas gnome ornaments

I’ve shared several pinecone craft projects that you can make for the holidays such as Pinecone Hedgehogs and Painted Pinecone Ornaments, and since I found yet another creative way to use pinecones I wanted to share it with you as well.

Pinecone craft projects are an inexpensive way to make some adorable things. Most people can simply go outside and collect them from the yard. In regions where pinecones are not available, they can be purchased at craft stores.

In this craft project from ‘BHG’ you will learn how to take an ordinary pine cone and turn it into an adorable Christmas Gnome Ornament for very little cost.

christmas gnome ornaments

Head to PAGE 2 To Get The
Materials List And Instruction Details. 

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