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Save Money! Make Your Own Homemade DIY Stevia Extract!

So many people are watching what they consume these days, doing their best to avoid foods that contain gluten, dairy and especially sugar for better health and weight related reasons. We also know that the alternatives for sugar such as fructose, cellulose and other harmful products like aspartame found in splenda and similar products contain many health risks that most people now know to avoid.

Many people have turned to healthy organic choices such as Stevia which is an all natural no calorie sugar substitute that comes from the stevia plant. Stevia can be purchased as granule, powder and extracts and is rather costly compared to regular sugar.

In this article, you will learn how to make Homemade DIY Stevia Extract in a recipe that I found on a wonderful website called Common Sense Home for making your own extract for little to no cost once you’ve purchased the Stevia seeds to grow your own Stevia Plants. 

Once your plants are mature it is time to begin the process of harvesting and making your own homemade DIY Stevia Extract.

Head to PAGE 2 for all the details!

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