[Video] Learn How To Make Mini Gel Sand Candles In Little Votive Jars Or Shot Glasses!

Gel wax is one of my favorite candle making mediums. I love the translucence they offer and the ability to add other materials to the candles and the results I can achieve with it. Gel candles are made with a soft gel wax that looks and feels like jello and is very easy to work with.

I have previous shared other Gel Candle Tutorials and today I will be sharing one for making decorative Mini Gel Sand Candles. These are small candles you make in little votive candle glass or even in tiny shot glasses. They look really pretty when you make several of them and line them up on a mantle or coffee table. You will find everything you need to make these adorable little candles on the next 2 pages. On page 3, you can also watch a video tutorial of them being made.

What you will need:

  • clear gel wax
  • candle pot
  • 2nd pot or pan to use as double boiler
  • small glass votive jars or even shot glasses
  • candle wicks with metal bases
  • colored sand
  • decorative items (pebbles, crystals etc)
  • optional – tiny nail art decorations (see image below)

Go To PAGE TWO For Mini Gel Sand Candle Instructions

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