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Make These Heart Jar Luminaries For Someone You Love!

Welcome to PAGE TWO of how to Share Your Love With Valentine Heart Jar Luminaries.

These beautiful heart jars are illuminated with tiny LED string lights but you can also use tea lights or even small votive candles. These look so beautiful when lit and look great as home decor decorations.

These are super easy to make and the result is dazzling. Below you will find the materials list and instructions for making them.

What you will need to make these:

1. Spray Paint, color of your choice (preferably red or pink for V-Day)
2.  Decorative ribbon or yarn
3.  Painter’s tape
4.  Any sized jar
5.  Box Cutter Knife or Scalpel
6.  White Constellation Series 50 LED String Lights, flameless candle, tea light, or small votive candle
7.  Permanent Marker

Use the painter’s tape and apply a few strips on one side of the jar. Draw a heart on the tape with your marker. Use your knife to etch around the heart and peel off the tape around the heart. Spray paint the entire jar. Once dry peel off the heart. Now decorate your jar with the ribbon or twine. Add your lights and ENJOY!

See the original tutorial at: Lights.com

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