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See 3 Types Of Custom DIY Wine Bottle Snowman Crafts! I Gotta Try Them!

At a recent home show, I saw some of the cutest DIY Wine Bottle Snowman Crafts I have ever seen. I was joyfully surprised to also notice that every one of them could easily be recreated with a bit of paint, in some cases glass glitter, and some embellishments to finish them off.

In this tutorial collection, I want to share 3 of my favorite types of wine bottle snowman crafts that you can replicate yourself. I love that these have such a custom look, like many you see in retail stores without the retail price.

On the next few pages you will be shown 10 wine bottle snowman images (3 types) and brief tutorials to go with them, beginning with the easiest and moving to the more advanced.

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16 Comments on See 3 Types Of Custom DIY Wine Bottle Snowman Crafts! I Gotta Try Them!

    • Hello 🙂 The eyes and buttons are made with felt dots, you can usually find them in packs at craft stores. For the nose, you can use either a piece of orange material, twist it and apply some glue to stiffen it and hold it together, OR, you can use orange clay, create your desired shape, let dry or bake it depending on the clay you use and glue it on.

      • Hi, am I overlooking the instructions? Is it pictures or a video or other instruction. I am looking for step by step instructions if there are any.
        Thank You

        • There are no step by step instructions on these, just brief details of what you will need for materials, then just use the images as a guide to make them.

    • All you will need is a wine bottle, some glass paint in red, black and orange, blush for the cheeks if desired, and ribbon for the bows. There are no directions, when I found these, I simply looked at the photo and painted on my faces then added my embellishments. Hope that helps 🙂

  1. I love the first one. It is amazing. You said you used german glitter glass on it. How and where did you use it on it. I have never heard of it before. I just researched it on Amazon and found out it is very fine glass. Would love to know how you used it. Thank you and thank you for sharing your wonderful craft.

    • Yes German Glitter Glass is fine sparkly glass. I just used mod podge in the areas I wanted the glass gliter and sprinkled it on. 🙂

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