I Am Impressed With How These Stained Glass Mason Jars Turned Out!

I love stained glass, there’s just something about the rainbow of colors melding together in the most beautiful ways. There are so many different techniques for staining glass and the one we will cover in this tutorial from ‘Happy Hooligans’ for making Stained Glass Mason Jars is by far the easiest I have seen yet.

You are in total control of the design and patterns you want to create and all of it is created with ONE medium.. sharpies! Most of the time people use glass paint, so I was excited to try something different and because these Stained Glass Mason jars are made with sharpies, instead of glass paint, it is now possible to do this on round jars like mason jars. With glass paint, which runs when wet, it is always suggested to use that technique on square or other flat sided items.

Head to PAGE 2 for the tutorial and let’s get started!

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