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I Could NOT Believe She Painted THAT On Her Photos Till I Saw The STUNNING Results! Speechless!

diy canvas photos

I love canvas photos and have spent a lot of money buying them from places like snapfish and other professional photo canvas companies, trusting my treasured photos would come out amazing, and they did. But I knew there had to be a way to make these canvas photos ourselves so I set out to find some DIY Canvas Photo tutorials for doing so.

I’ve found many tutorials and have tried a few and the one thing they all lack is that textured finish that the expensive professional canvas photos have, giving the appearance that the photo is embedded or printed into the canvas not just glued on.

I am beyond delighted to have found this tutorial from Tasha at Designer Trapped that reveals the secret tips for creating that same textured finish to DIY Canvas Photos that makes ALL the difference in the world to the finished project!

What you will need:

diy canvas photos

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