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I Was Baffled When He Used Confetti To Decorate A Balloon Until I Saw The BRILLIANT Result!

diy confetti bowl

I’ve shared many craft projects using this same technique with a balloon and glue to create Glitter BowlsLeaf Bowls and even Doily Lamps. Today we are going to color up our worlds by making a beautiful DIY Confetti Bowl. These are super easy to make and the finished product is a useful bowl for dod-dads or to keep keys in by the front door or any number of uses you can think of.

On the next page is a photo tutorial that will walk you through the steps to make one of these yourself. You can use any color or type of confetti you can think of. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can create.

What you will need: 

diy confetti bowl

Head to PAGE 2 For The Tutorial

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